3DW-454-sd017:Mai Natsuki
   " Panty Hose Masturbation "
   夏樹 舞 『パンストオナニー』

3DW-454-sd017 "Mai Natsuki - 夏樹 舞"

・3D写真 : 88 枚

・3Dムービー : 21min.17sec.

Mai Natsuki, she minds the age that she is not young, and her body is not sexy of her own. Mai who wore pantyhose in the complete nudity which shaved of pubic hair tore up pantyhose and masturbated. She grasped the penis and sucking it which a man held out and showed onanism to each other. As for her, it was ejaculated sperm by a man and reached the ecstasy. This last work of Mai consists of 88 pieces of stereographs and 21 min. of stereomovie.

年齢もカラダも中途半端な夏樹舞さんの最後の作品は、パイパン・モリマン全裸に パンストだけの姿で手械を掛けられながら自分でパンストを引き裂いてオナニーを 魅せつけ、差し出されたチンコをしごき、しゃぶってからお互いにオナニーを見せ合い、 最後に精子を掛けられて満足するまでを88枚の立体写真と約21分の立体ムービーで 見せる小作品です!



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